Family Pushes for Justice 13 Years After Nicholas Beebe’s Murder in Osceola Co.

“I want justice for my family and myself.”

Thirteen years ago Sunday, an 18-year-old was murdered in Osceola County.

Nicholas Beebe was shot and killed while sleeping on the couch. Police say someone drove by and shot him through the window of a trailer home.

The Osceola County undersheriff says they’ve worked on every tip since then, and have talked to more than 100 people.

The undersheriff also says the case has been given to the Attorney General’s Office for review, but they have not heard back.

Nicholas Beebe’s mother says it seems like her son was murdered just yesterday, but that was 13 years ago and there still hasn’t been an arrest.

“Because he was an avid fisherman and he also was a deer hunter, so I just thought it was a dumb accident and I would be bringing him to the hospital. That’s what I thought until I got there,” Richielene Beebe said.

When she got to 19 Mile Road in Marion, she was confronted with something very different.

“I had gotten called at 3:10 when I got the autopsy report. It had stated that he was actually murdered at 12:10 so it was three hours before they called the cops,” she said.

About a year after Nicholas’ murder, the family began offering a cash reward. It started with $5,000, then went to $10,000 and finally jumped to $25,000, and still no answers.

“Very hard. It’s so hard. $25,000 in somebody’s hand, no questions ask, just give us the information that we need and that didn’t do no good,” grandmother Nancy Christie said.

Nancy Christie says her and her daughter will not give up until they figure out who’s guilty.

“We deserve answers. We’ve waited 13 years and we still have no answers and we need closure and it’s still not going to be a full closure, but it will at least help,” she said.

Nicholas’ mother says he was a kind person who didn’t have enemies.

“Even the weekend he was murdered, there was a whole table full of mushrooms that he had had found and he had friends over that night and he had fried mushrooms for them. I think that my family and I deserve justice I just feel that. He was killed for a senseless, it was a senseless murder,” Beebe said.

Christie says while a specific reward amount is not on the table, a reward will still be offered.

If you have any information regarding this case, you are asked to call the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office at (231) 832-2288.