The Need for High Speed: Betsie Valley Elementary Getting Broadband Internet

Betsie Valley Elementary School and the future community center in Thompsonville are about to get a much needed burst of speed.

The elementary school is one of the two schools in TBAISD’s five county region that does not have high speed internet yet. 

Last week crews installed the lines for the fiber optic cable.

Starting this summer, the elementary school will have access to broadband internet.

The school says having fast, reliable internet will really benefit their students and will put them on an even playing field with other students.

“We want to make sure that our families, if you don’t have access at home, then they would be able to access that high speed here, that our students are going to be able to stay competitive with other schools in the region and be able to have the same opportunities and advantages everybody else has,” explained Principal Amiee Erfourth.

The Betsie Valley Community Center is set to be built next to the school.

They say this step is a giant first step to connecting the community to the resources it needs.