LSSU, Les Cheneaux Culinary School Hope to Keep Students in UP With New Partnership

A commitment between Lake Superior State University and Les Cheneaux Culinary School hopes to keep more students in the eastern U.P. once they leave school.

The idea was introduced this past January. 

Now, it’s becoming a reality.

LSSU President Rod Hanley and Les Cheneaux Culinary Board of Director Jim Krzeminski signed the agreement Friday at the school’s board of trustees meeting.

The culinary arts certificate includes a one-year training and internship program right at the Hessel School.

The co-founder of the school says this is needed for the area.

“Once students go someplace else, they seldom come back. We needed them to come back and bring their expertise, their new knowledge back to the U.P.,” explained Bonnie Mikkelson.

Mikkelson says enrollment at the culinary school is expected to triple because of this agreement.