Hometown Tourist: The Pear Tree

Thursday on ‘the four’ we took you around Northern Michigan for a look at a group of women that work together in the vintage shop business to create events like a Vintage Shop Hop.

For this week’s Hometown Tourist, David Lyden and Erin Malone take a trip for an inside look at one of those businesses. It’s a gallery and boutique called The Pear Tree in Alden that sits on Spencer Creek just before it spills out into Torch Lake.

“The Pear Tree is situated in Alden, right on Spencer Creek Landing, which is a gorgeous stream that passes right next to our shop and leads out to Torch Lake, so every window we’re looking at beautiful, blue Torch Lake,” said Janis Schilling, owner of The Pear Tree.

The building this boutique is housed in used to be a bank, and now when you walk in the doors you’re greeted by the cerulean color schemes of summer.

Janis and her husband Jim both love to find antiques. Janis herself is an artist, spending her days painting watercolors in the lower level of the shop with views of Spencer Creek and Torch Lake where she spent summers coming to visit growing up.

A mixture of the old and new fits perfectly next to Torch Lake with unique pieces to decorate your home that celebrate this beautiful place, from woodwork and handmade bowls and jewelry to even ceramics made by Janis herself.

“I did art festivals all over the eastern United States and this little shop became available and I just couldn’t resist. It was a time to grow and stretch and I knew so many artists where I could incorporate their work into my vision for a shop,” explained Janis.

And in creating The Pear Tree with a mixture of artists and vintage finds, Janis has found herself also in a community of women that own vintage stores across the area that enjoy supporting each other.

“We want to encourage other women to join in. It’s hard work, but it’s fabulously exciting, it’s motivating and we all express a lot of originality,” said Janis.

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