High Water Levels Threaten Leland’s Fishtown

High water levels are becoming more of a risk to Leland’s Fishtown.

This week’s flooding submerged docks and leaked into the shanties.

Employees at the Cheese Shanty in Fishtown said as much as four inches seeped inside their business on Thursday after water surges.

The water also affected nearby historic shanties.

Carlson’s Fishery’s foundation is tilting because of the erosion to the foundation.

Now, businesses and the community are worried about the risk the water poses to both buildings and the tourist season.

“There’s a big season ahead and the water levels are supposed to be going up nine inches,” said Amanda Holmes, executive director of the Fishtown Preservation Society. “The water seems calm and not so troublesome, but [the surges] are an issue waiting to happen. You start to notice them is when the water is really high.”

Right now, the water level is considered “very high” and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers predicts the water will rise even more this summer.

When water levels are that high, the dock is especially vulnerable.

Holmes and her team are working on blue prints and plans to reinforce and rebuild the infrastructure in Fishtown so that it can withstand flooding and erosion.

“These plans include raising up and replacing the foundation on two of the shanties, [re-doing] the whole south side of Carlson’s Fishery…and some pretty serious drainage infrastructure on the west river,” said Holmes.

Her plans will cost more than $1 million. She says she will rely on donations to reach her goal.

She wants to start construction after tourist season ends in the fall of 2019, then teams will work through the winter, and finish by the spring of 2020.

You can donate to Fishtown Preservation Society here.