High School Welders Sparked Competition at Ferris State University

Ferris State University is sparking some friendly competition as high school students came from around the state to show off their welding skills.

Friday, the Ferris State Welding Engineering Technology Program hosted its 16th annual Welding Competition.

Students from around 30 schools took part in Friday’s competition at the university’s brand new facility.

“Today we have approximately 140 students from 30 different schools,” said Jeffrey Carney, program coordinator for the Welding Engineering Program at FSU. “They’re competing for prizes and scholarships and other giveaways that industries and Ferris State University has donated for us.”

Students put their skills to the test at the brand new, Swan Annex welding labs.

“It’s the first time in our new building so little bit of a learning curve as to how we’re progressing through the projects and what the pace is and it’s going along very well,” said Carney.

Each school could bring up to five students, one for each category of the competition.

“Those students have to interpret a blueprint and then complete a weld and take a safety test, also which is a part of it, and then they’ll be evaluated against their peers,” explained Carney.

Pinkney High School Senior, Jacob Reid, showed up to compete with confidence.

“So far I feel pretty confident. For me, oxi-fuel welding is one of my stronger points. I’ve gotten the set up down pretty well,” said Reid.

He says a class at school introduced him to welding and now he’s getting the chance to hone that craft on a bigger scale.

“It just sounded like something that was cool to me. I took the class and I ended up really enjoying it,” said Reid.

While Ferris gets the chance to recruit state-wide talent.

“We get students that come here out of the welding program throughout the state of Michigan, get them to introduce them to Ferris State University to welding lab, get a chance to talk to them,” said Carney.