Donald Trump Jr. Subpoenaed, Sparks Internal GOP Debate

Another Congressional standoff is taking place with President Trump.

This time it’s with the Republican led Senate Intelligence Committee and the President’s oldest son Donald Trump Jr.

A panel voted to subpoena Trump Jr. after questions were raised about statements he made in connection to the Russia probe.

But this move has frustrated many members of the GOP.

Republican Representative Kevin McCarthy disagreed with the decision.

“I believe it’s time to move on. I think they have it wrong,” said McCarthy.

House Democrats have long argued that Trump Junior got it wrong when he testified in 2017.

Claiming he was “peripherally aware” of negotiations over a Trump Tower Moscow deal.

A statement that was contradicted in February in testimony given by the president’s former personal attorney, Michael Cohen.

Cohen knows all too well the dangers of lying to congress. He is currently serving a three year federal prison term for lying to congress and other crimes.

There is still no word if Trump Jr. will comply with the subpoena.