Petoskey Works to Repair Marina

With summer approaching, the city of Petoskey is working to repair docks along the Petoskey Marina, an issue they encounter every year.

As ice melts, dock pilings and finger piers rise out of the water, creating problems for boaters who can’t use the docks or secure their boats.

Sixteen finger piers and 14 spring pilings will be repaired by R.B. Lyons, Inc. Marine Construction.

The Director of Petoskey Parks and Recreation Kendall Klingelsmith says  the problems stem from the unique position of the marina.

“We have a unique marina, and it’s hard to try to prevent these, I mean we’re open,” he says. “We have open water to the northeast, we have the bear river that empties into the marina. We’re not a protected harbor like Bay Harbor or Harbor Springs. We’re pretty exposed. The consequences of being exposed are what we have to deal with now. ”

The docks are expected to be fixed by June 1.