Heavy Rain Left Backyards Along Portage Lake Flooded

“Well we’re just waiting for spring,” said Walter Tamulis, who lives near flooding on Portage Lake in Onekama.

Spring showers were a bit heavier than some would have liked, leaving backyards on Portage Lake in Onekama underwater.

Tamulis, who has lived on the lake since 1997 says they rarely see flooding this bad.

The mix of heavy winds and rain left yards looking like big puddles.

The lake is creeping up onto the many lawns along the lake.

Tamulis says he hasn’t had any flooding in his home, but he is worried about the problems all this water could be doing to the shoreline.

“The biggest problem is the erosion of the shore so it behooves everyone to probably have a seawall. “It’s a good idea because the water table is high in this area but anyone who has done any remodeling or raised the elevation with fill, they don’t see any problems,” said Tamulis.

The homeowner says he’s noticed the water continually go down since Wednesday night.