Hartman Request for Site Inspection Will Go Before A Judge

A new motion will go before a judge in the case of a former middle school principal accused of sex crimes against students.

Karl Hartman faces six charges, including first-degree criminal sexual conduct.  

Hartman’s attorney is now requesting a site inspection of Kingsley Elementary School. That’s where one of the alleged assaults took place.

Both sides would get to go and inspect the school to prepare evidence for trial.

The prosecutor’s office says they don’t object. But first the request has to go before a judge because of the restrictions on Hartman’s bond.

Chief Assistant Prosecutor Kyle Attwood says, “It’s a little different here. Normally it would be done outside of the purview of the court, but in this case because bond conditions prevent the defendant from going to school or being around children, it’s something that has to be done with the permission of the court, and I think that’s the reason they filed the motion.”

A site visit would likely happen on the weekend when students are gone and school is not in session. There will be a hearing on the motion next week.

Attwood adds, “It’s one thing, obviously, to read a description of events in a police report, it’s another to actually stand in the location. So it gives the attorneys a better ability to prepare for questioning of witnesses and a have an understanding themselves.”

Meanwhile, Hartman’s trial is set to start the last week in July.