Venturi Named Small Business of the Year By Traverse City Chamber of Commerce

“It’s a testament to the group here and everything that they’ve accomplished.”

Traverse City has its next Small Business of the Year after taking home the honor from the chamber of commerce.

The small business celebration highlights 10 finalists, but only one business takes home the title.

This year it’s Venturi.

“We’re a really small company. But everyone here matters.”

Tucked away in Traversefield Business Park you’ll find Venturi, a distributor of two brands of products that are completely unrelated; bathroom and home safety products and accessories, and TarGard cigarette filters.

SlipX Solutions is really the face of the organization. It represents over 90% of our revenues, it’s where our resources go and it’s where our growth has come from,” Venturi president Tim Dutmers said.

It’s a Traverse City company with a global reach.

“We’re an organization that isn’t just selling to Traverse City people or Traverse City stores. We’re selling to brick and mortar stores throughout North America and we’re selling direct to consumers around the world,” Dutmers said.

“You can find our products in Traverse City at Bed Bath & Beyond, Menards, Meijer. As well as places online like Amazon and even places like QVC,” said vice president of sales Chris Behler.

Employees say they’re honored to be named small business of the year,

“We think we’re a really good company. We’re all here because we want to be here. We enjoy our jobs and coming in every day.  I think it was nice to see other people think we’re a great company,” says customer operations manager Tara Davenport.

“Every year, year after year, we have double-digit growth in terms of revenue, by opening up to different types of customers, different platforms, and making sure we continue to improve our product assortment,” Behler said.

While tourism and hospitality will always be important to the region, Tim Dutmers says Traverse City’s growth is bound to come from entrepreneurs and organizations that choose to call this area home.

“We made not only a lifestyle decision and business decision to do business in Traverse City,” he said.