Seller Posts Pieces of Traverse City’s Eighth Street Potholes on eBay

We’ve been reporting on the shutdown of Traverse City’s busy Eighth Street for construction.

They’re putting in an all-new stretch of the road.

But someone is not ready to say goodbye, and they’re betting others will pay for a nostalgic piece of the thoroughfare.

The tongue-in-cheek eBay listing popped up Tuesday.

The auction is for what the seller says is a “three piece authentic Traverse City Eighth Street commemorative gift set.”

It’s three chunks of the street.

The description is much better though.

It says the gift set was professionally extracted by local experts, that it’s fair trade with a certificate of authenticity and comes in a decorative satchel.

How much?

It’s listed for $499, but the starting bid is a bargain, just $99.