FSU Disc Golf Team: Freedom in the Air

A sport you can play rain or shine or even in the snow–disc golf.

Ferris State University’s disc golf team knows a thing or two about taking home titles. They have won three National Championships in the last five years.

Coach, Leonard Johnson says, “What it takes to be good at this game or excel at this game is to be able to control the flight of the disc. Be able to throw it straight and throw it far.”

Something else that has made this team successful is their positive attitudes and proximity to a challenging course.  This sport isn’t just about your physical game, it also works your mental game.

“The stuff you don’t really see in disc golf is the mental game of it,” Savannah Keefer says. “It’s huge and a huge part of it.”

Team member Carl Bouman says when he makes a good shot, it is a fantastic feeling.

“It doesn’t happen very often but when it does it definitely catches you off guard and makes things more exciting.”

If you want more information on the FSU Disc golf team, click here. 

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