One Student Dies; Eight Others Hurt in Colorado School Shooting

Police say an 18-year-old student died following a school shooting near Denver, Colorado.

Eight others were hurt.

It happened less than 10 miles from Columbine High School.

Police say they have two suspects in custody.

Both are students from stem school highlands ranch.

Frightened parents had to pick up their kids, while police surrounded the school still searching room by room.

Police say shots were still being fired as officers entered and arrested two people.

Students were just leaving when police came tearing in.

“We heard there was a lockdown but we thought it was a drill until we saw the officer with the patrol rifle and then tens of other police cars coming our way. We didn’t really expect anything like this and we didn’t hear any kind of threat. And obviously there’s a lot of things wandering around our minds like who could have done this, why did it happen,” STEM senior Adam Parol said.

The White House said its prayers are with those affected by the shooting.