From Stress Reliever to Gallery Owner, Traverse City Artist Evolves

A Northern Michigan business owner-turned artist, and now gallery owner, is ready to share her love for the visual arts.

She uses various art mediums to create her work, and she hopes they spark as many emotions in her audience as they do for her.

Shanny Brooke is the owner of Higher Art Gallery in downtown Traverse City.

But she got her start with art as a stress reliever.

“Really long story short, I moved to Northern Michigan to open a business that was non-art-related, which didn’t work out,” she says. “And then art just kind of became a stress reliever thing for me and then I realized, wow, I really like it and I’m kind of good at it, so that’s how it started.”

Oils, cold wax, acrylic paints. Her artistic medium varies.

“Whatever I’m feeling at the moment,” she says.

You can find more of Shanny Brooke’s work at Higher Art Gallery in downtown Traverse City.

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