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Adopt A Pet

Adopt-A-Pet Tuesday: Sunny, Dayton, Chandler

It’s Adopt-A-Pet Tuesday!

So we’re looking at a few shelter animals that are looking for a new home.


First up we have Sunny.

She is a four year old boxer mix.

Sunny is up to date on all her shots and would prefer to be in a single pet house.

She is an adorable, playful love bug who is happy to be with her human.

You can seek out Sunny at the in Interlochen.


Next is Dayton,

He is a 2 year old, male Australian shepherd mix

Dayton is good with other dogs and older kids who can play with him.

He is a super smart guy who knows a lot of commands and he has recently learned to jog next to his person biking for exercise.

You can pick up dayton at the in Traverse City.


And our final cutie of the day is Chandler

He is a young male beagle mix who is good with dogs and cats,

This sweet little guy is a lap dog who will wiggle his way into your heart.

You can catch chandler at the of Mount Pleasant

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