Ludington Fire Department Grateful for New Station

For more than 40 years the Ludington Fire Department has worked from a converted pole barn near downtown.

Now they have a brand new $1.2 million fire hall.

The new station gives the department more room to work, live and meet, while updating equipment used to clean up and store after a call.

After 10 years of planning, the hall opened on the north side of town on Tinkham this February.

The department hosted an open house this past weekend.

Despite being further from downtown, the fire chief says the new location will actually increase response times.

“In fact I’ve got more firefighters that live in this area so the response time is quicker and we don’t have to deal with coming out on Ludington Avenue and so that speeds things up quite a bit,” says chief Jerry Funk.

Chief Funk also hopes the new hall will be a recruiting tool to attract more firefighters.

They are understaffed right now.