Nearly 100 Riders Bike in Spring Pumpkin Pedal Supporting TART Trails

“I think everyone had a great time today. You couldn’t beat the weather and it’s a good group that turned out.”

The cycling season is underway!

To celebrate a group of nearly 100 riders came together in Traverse City to enjoy it.

It was the 7th annual Spring Pumpkin Pedal hosted by Jolly Pumpkin.

Teams, individuals and even some people new to cycling met at the brewery and took off.

A group of cyclists enjoyed a trip around Old Mission Peninsula while supporting TART Trails.

“They do such good work with the community with all the trail systems that we have and we have friends that work there, so it’s nice to help them out and give back,” said Jimmy McKenna, organizer and manager of Blue Tractor.

TART Trails tells us the Pumpkin Pedal has raised more than $3,000 in the last three years.

“It’s a free event and people are asked to support trail development in the community and they’ve been so responsive and it’s been so heartwarming to see the community really rallying around the things that they believe in and trails are one of them,” TART Trails communications director Brian Beauchamp said.

Sunday cyclists got to choose between a 23 mile or a 40 mile ride and on Old Mission Peninsula by the lighthouse is where some of those riders passed through.

“I love what I call bike world. I love the community. I love the support, even though we ride for other teams, we all support each other, we all encourage each other,” says rider Amelia Hasenohrl.

It’s also an opportunity to learn about bike safety.

“We did have a couple cars nearly clip us, so it’s always safety in numbers is always a big reason i ride on the road with a group,” rider Vita Morse said.

“We hear a lot of that when these groups are out together on the road, folks who are more experienced are sharing the safety tips so that’s passed on,” Beauchamp said.

The Jolly Pumpkin will end the biking season with another ride in the fall,