Traverse City Joins Thousands of Places Nationwide in Global 6K for Water

Three point seven miles: that’s how far the average person has to walk for clean drinking water in many under-developed countries.

Nearly 100 people joined the thousands nationwide to make that trip Saturday in Traverse City.

They did that so some children won’t have to do it anymore.

“After becoming a Christian when I was about 21 years old I went on my first mission trip overseas and I saw the stuff first hand and it changed my life.”

Motivated by what he saw abroad, team leader had Chad Chinlund brought the Global 6K for Water to Traverse City.

It was just one of 900 places across the globe taking part in it.

“Especially here in Northern Michigan, where we’re surrounded by crystal clear water, it’s very, very out of site out of mind to think about not having clean water, Chinlund said.

Chinlund says a $50 registration means lifelong clean water for families without it.

“It’s not a temporary water source like bottled water. This is a lasting water source like drilling wells, rain catchment systems, piping water,” he said.

Each person who signs up, gets to see exactly which child they helped.

Local high schooler Clint Walker says learning how hard others have it was eye opening.

“And thinking a kid had to run it every single day just for clean water when every single day brushing my teeth I leave it run. Just gave me the encouragement of I have to be better about my usage,” Walker said.

And he says he hopes next year his teammates will join him.

“One of my goals is to try and get our basketball team to run next year and kind of get sports teams that aren’t in need of cardio, but can do it for a great cause and a great organization like world mission,” he said.

To learn how to get involved with World Vision, click here.