Triple the Fun: Two Sets of Traverse City Triplets Take on Prom

Prom is a great opportunity to get dressed up with some of your closest friends and for others it’s the final celebration before heading off to college. For the Tarrant triplets and the Kurtz triplets prom takes on a whole new meaning this year!

Meet Faith, Hope and Grace Kurtz and their dates to prom Zennor, Zavier and Zealand Tarrant. These sets of triplets both go to St. Francis in Traverse City. 

Faith says,”We do everything together pretty much – it’s just like having any other sibling but we’re closer because we’re all growing up and experiencing the same thing in the same place at the same time.”

They each know each other through different extra-curricular activities at school: band, theater and youth group. “I’m more friends with Faith, Zeeland is more friends with Hope and Zavier is more friends with Grace so those are the matches,” says Zennor.

What are the chances? A great opportunity to celebrate this once in a lifetime occasion!


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