Traverse City Selects 13 Businesses to Open Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Traverse City just decided the 13 businesses that get to start opening up medical marijuana dispensaries within city limits.

The city held a lottery drawing Friday morning to determine who gets to take the next steps in opening those businesses up. 

That drawing wrapped up Friday around 11 a.m. and it was a packed house as people waited to see if they could open up a medical marijuana dispensaries.

The city had a total of 72 applications that were submitted but only 13 businesses will get to open up.

That was a number set by city commissioners.

The top 13 unique addresses that were drawn Friday will now move on to another permit process that could take as long as six months

We spoke to one of the people who had their application drawn within the top 13 who is hoping to open before that.

“I believe that marijuana does have a lot of healing purposes and the medical aspect of it is something that is necessary to get off of the opioids and to have alternative healing,” said Melisa Bertram.

That six month permit process will include a round of various inspections at these businesses.

If any of them don’t complete it, the next unique address drawn after them in Friday’s lottery will have a chance to take the next steps to open a medical marijuana dispensaries.