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‘Once Upon a Time in Michigan:’ Revamped Fables

Promo Image: ‘Once Upon a Time in Michigan:’ Revamped Fables

Northern Michigan just got a little more magical.

A new children’s book series from Mission Point is setting kids’ classic fables and fairy tales—in familiar locations.

Written and illustrated by a local mother-son duo, “Once Upon a Time in Michigan” has two installments in the series so far. “The Fisherman and his Wife” and “City Raccoon, Country Raccoon.”

Together, Author Heather Shaw and her son and Illustrator Tajin Robles are using this children’s series to bring a whole new Northern Michigan meaning to children’s classics.

There is a kickoff puppet show event for the first book, “The Fisherman and his Wife,” at Horizon Bookstore in Traverse City on May 4.

Learn more by watching the video above.