Crowd Gathers to Protest Closing of Munson Manistee Hospital Maternity Unit

Expecting mothers and families are protesting after Munson Healthcare Manistee Hospital announced it will shut down its maternity unit.

Munson says the birth rate at its Manistee hospital has declined over the years and is now at an all-time low. 

In March, they only delivered six babies.

Munson Manistee is the only hospital in the county.

Now mothers will have to travel at least 30 miles to the next hospital where they can actually deliver their baby.

Manistee County has just one midwife with a birthing facility, and already she’s been getting calls from mothers with due dates after the maternity ward at Munson closes.

“I’m the only in facility OB provider in the county. I’m terrified, I don’t think I can handle the volume,” said midwife Jennifer Cameron.

Fifteen people at the maternity ward are expected to lose their job.

The OB wing is set to close May 31.