Clare County Military Family Receives New Roof From Habitat for Humanity

“There’s a very practical nature to having a roof, but it’s the meaning more than anything really,” says Manacca Mester, Habitat for Humanity recipient.

Habitat for Humanity is putting a new roof on a Clare County home. But to the woman who lives here it means so much more.

Last fall, Clare County Habitat for Humanity searched for a veteran in need of assistance. They picked Robert Mester of Farwell. Today, it was all hands on deck to get this military family a new roof, but one person was missing, Robert Mester.

“Today we’re out here doing a dedication for a roof for a veteran,” says Lori Martin, V.P. of Clare County Habitat for Humanity.

2019 is the year of the veteran for Habitat for Humanity.

“In 2018, Clare County Habitat for Humanity set out to find a veteran family in need of assistance. We didn’t have to look far, Mrs. Mester found us,” says Martin.

“On one part of it, it didn’t leak but the shingles were coming off and on the other part the shingles seemed ok, but it was leaking all over. We needed it really bad,” says Mester.

Robert Mester served in the U.S. Army for 6 years.

“Three years of that he was engrade as an E-6, he was very proud of that. He was stationed in Korea, Germany, Africa,” says Mester.

Clare County Habitat for Humanity said they found their perfect recipient.

“Unfortunately in January of 2019, Mr. Mester passed away. He never got to see this project completed or even started for that matter,” says Martin.

So the new roof is being put on with a different meaning.

“It means a lot, my husband chose to donate his body to science so we did not have that closure that you would get throughout the funeral process and everything. And for all these people to show up and to work as hard as they have, it replaces that tribute that maybe a funeral would have given us,” says Mester.

Now this home can offer a little more comfort to the Mester family.

“It means everything, it means so much less stress and concern. It means everything,” explains Mester.