Traverse City Native Responds to Fake Sexual Assault Claims Involving Democratic Presidential Candidate

“I’ve gotten death threats, my family has gotten threats.”

There’s more details now on a Northern Michigan native caught up in what he calls false allegations against a Democratic presidential candidate.

Wednesday he came back home and is talking about the ordeal.

Hunter Kelly says he was lured to Washington to be the subject of a fake story about South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg, who is running for president.

Kelly is a Traverse City native.

He now lives in Big Rapids and goes to school at Ferris State University.

He says he went to D.C. to meet Jacob Wohl, a right leaning conspiracy theorist, and conservative commentator Jack Burkman.

The pair said they wanted Kelly’s perspective as a gay Republican.

Kelly says Wohl and Burkman came up with a plan to plant a fake story, accusing Buttigieg of having sexually assaulted Kelly.

Kelly says he never wanted the article to be published, and says everything in it is false.

Wohl tweeted a document signed by Kelly, stating all the allegations in the article are true.

WOODTV8 8 talked with Kelly after he landed in Grand Rapids Wednesday, and asked him why he signed that document.

“It had been about 45 minutes of me saying I wanted to leave and I wanted to go. I told them I wanted my family members to pick me up. I just stared at the computer, I didn’t really have anything to say, I didn’t  want to put up a fight and get thrown out on the street in Arlington, Virginia where I had no way to get anywhere and I think they knew that and they had me where they wanted me, but they didn’t’ and they don’t’,” Kelly said.

Buttigieg dismissed the story as dirty politics.

Wohl and Burkman have refuted Kelly’s statements.