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What’s the Harm in Being Unique? Arts for All of Northern Michigan

Creativity is contagious and there is no right or wrong answers to communicate or express yourselves in art.

That is why Arts for All of Northern Michigan is providing accessible opportunities for people of all abilities to come together to experience art and culture.

Arts for All at the Dennos Museum of Traverse City offers countless opportunities throughout the year but recently they hosted their spring celebration where students came and explored drumming, art journaling, yoga and storytelling.

Cole who is a student with Arts for All says, “I love music and I love to interact with people and just creating my own beats it was the full fun of it and I guess you have to enjoy it.”

“We work with a wide range of students. Some of those students are verbal, some are completely non-verbal. They are able to communicate those emotions and be able to process those in a healthy way as well as share that with their peers and community,” says Grace Hudson, the Executive Director.

Having these students go out into the community is giving them a sense of purpose and take pride in their work. Cole says, “It’s a way to express my emotions, to meet new people – just like have a great time doing all the things I love.”

At the end of the day we could all learn a thing or two from these local creators… “There is nothing wrong with being different. You just be you and be proud of your uniqueness,” says Cole.

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