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Tech Tuesday: STEM Apps for Kids

Promo Image: Tech Tuesday: STEM Apps for Kids

Parents know it’s not always easy to encourage your kid to learn more about science, technology, math and engineering outside of the classroom.

With summer approaching, you might be looking for creative ways to keep your kids’ brain active during the summer break.

Look no further! In this week’s Tech Tuesday, we’re showing you some of the best STEM apps to help kids learn while they play. 

Create your own funny monsters while learning the basic science of DNA with the DNA Play app. With this app, kids learn how to build monsters by completing a series of simple DNA puzzles. Once kids build their monster, they can tap on different parts of its body to trigger random mutations. The app has no third-party ads and no in-app purchases. The app even includes a section for parents with basic info on DNA, an illustrated tutorial, interaction hints and play ideas. DNA Play is perfect for kids ages 4 to 9 years old.

MathTango makes learning addition, subtraction, multiplication and division fun! With the app, kids are able to learn more and faster with a classroom-tested combination of math puzzles and world-building activities found in games. Kids progress through dozens of math lessons with the app as they earn monsters, complete missions and build their own unique worlds. MathTango is a subscription service, offering multiple subscriptions.

Future scientists will love exploring the life of plants with the NAMOO app. NAMOO gives children the chance to discover how leaves make food, experiment with underground root systems and play with the parts of a plant cell. NAMOO uses colorful interactive models to help students gain a deeper understanding of the science at work. NAMOO is a multi-layered journey featuring nine chapters. Each chapter is dedicated to a part of a plant and its function. This app pairs dynamic visuals with clear explanations so kids can play, experiment and learn with ease.

Build your own car while learning how it works with the My Car – Mechanics for Kids. The app relies on the initial STEM foundation and provides inquiry-based and real world problem-based learning, connecting parts from all four STEM subjects. Kids can decorate their own car while learning about mechanics. Kids will learn how the engine and brakes works and why a car needs water and oil. The app uses a playful and educational method to keep kids entertained while they learn.