Kasey Fire Safety Program Lets Dogs do The Teaching at Traverse City Christian School

There’s not much that gets students fired up more than a visit from some dogs.

And that’s what’s happening this week at schools throughout Traverse City.

This is the Kasey Fire Safety Program, started 25 years ago by an Indianapolis firefighter and his dog, Kasey.

Tuesday they’re at Traverse City Christian School, teaching kids about the importance of knowing what to do in case of a fire or another emergency.

Kasey’s owner, Jeff owns says dogs are great teachers.

“Instead of the kids having an adult stand in front of them and talk to them all day every day which is something they get every day, the dogs are the educators. So the dogs stop drop and roll, they check a door to see if it’s hot, they crawl under the smoke. All the different skills we teach the kids the dogs physically do all those skills,” says Jeff Owens with Kasey Fire Safety.

Jeff is the fifth generation “Kasey”.

Along with sister kali, they make 400 presentations a year to about 400,000 kids across the country.