Clare County Woman Leads Deputies on Chase in Stolen Dump Truck

Body cam video shows the moment Clare County deputies say a woman stole a dump truck Sunday night.

It was heavily damaged.

It all started when they tried to arrest her on parole charges at the McDonald’s in Harrison.

They say she ran across the street to Walraven’s fruit market, hopped in a dump truck and took off through the fence.

It was just after 8:30 Sunday night when William Walraven saw one of their company’s dump trucks being chased by deputies through Harrison.

Deputies say the woman behind the wheel stole it after they tried to arrest her on probation charges.

“I was sitting there at the gas station getting fuel and I heard the cop cars coming, and here comes our one ton with four cop cars and a DNR truck behind it so I hurried up, got on the phone, called my dad, asked him who’s got our one ton. Well said it should have been locked in the fence,” said Walraven

The chase was called off about 15 minutes later on East Stockwell Road. Things were getting dusty and hard to see, and deputies didn’t want to risk anyone getting hurt.

“The officers made the right decision by calling off the pursuit. I’ve been in several pursuits over the years and it’s not worth life and limb there if it gets to the point where it’s that bad, so we’ll catch up with them later,” said Clare County Sheriff John Wilson.

Deputies eventually found the truck off a two track and it was heavily damaged. The woman they were looking for was nowhere to be found.

“It was a little different, to be a foot pursuit and then to jump a fence, then to get into a dump truck from a business that was behind in a locked gate to get it started, I think the owner was surprised she got it started and so we’re we, but she did get it started,” said Wilson.

Deputies are still looking for the woman that ran from them last night. They say when they do catch up to her, she will be facing much more than just the probation charges she was originally facing.