Rideshares Just for Kids

A handful of rideshares have emerged in recent years that are just for kids.

After school, you’ll find 10-year-old Carter Tartisel at tutoring or the Boys and Girls Club.  But sometimes the only way he can get to and from his activities is through a rideshare.

Carter uses a company called HopSkipDrive.  Miss B is one of the drivers.  She says “It’s like an Uber, but for kids only.” 

Carter’s mom, Sandi Tartisel, says her son was having to miss a lot of activities because of her work schedule, but the rideshare changed that.

HopSkipDrive is one of several *kid* shares expanding in cities across the country. CEO Joanna McFarland says “This is more like putting your child in a car with a highly vetted nanny that drives.”

Harry Campbell, “The Rideshare Guy,” runs a website on ridesharing services.  He says most of the companies require drivers to have childcare experience and adds “they also actually require fingerprint-based background checks and you actually have to meet someone from the company. All three of those things you don’t have to do with an Uber or Lyft driver.”

Other security features include using a password exchanged during pickup, tracking rides in real time and some apps allow parents to meet drivers upon request.

Mainstream services Uber and Lyft currently have policies that prohibit the transportation of unaccompanied minors.