Gaylord Police Still Looking for Two Missing Teens

Gaylord Police are looking for two young men after they went missing Wednesday.

They were last seen yesterday around 1 p.m .at the Taco Bell in Gaylord.

Sixteen- year old, Orlando Hernandez and 14- year old Ricardo Martinez are brothers.

While they are not from the area and no longer believed to be in Gaylord, police are still on the look.

The police say they met April Mae Fuller there but are not longer looking for her or the Dodge Caravan the boys were thought to be in.

“We’re actively running down the leads that we have. Family members, friends, we’re working all the tips that we’re getting called in,” said Sgt. Frank Claeys from the Gaylord Police Department.

If you have information or see the pair, you should call police.