Michigan Senate Passes Legislation to Ban Minors from Having E-Cigarettes

The Michigan Senate just took a major step to keep vaping products out of the hands of minors.

The Senate unanimously passed the bill that would ban anyone under the age of 18 from having e-cigarettes.

It would also ban the sale of the battery powered vaping devices to minors.

Kimberly Manor owns several vape shops and supports the legislation.

“I think it’s wonderful. Vaping is for adults not for kids and by this legislation, having it a civil infraction for the first two, we’re not harming a child’s future if they’re caught, but the bottom line is vaping is for adults not for kids. We do have to keep these out of these out of the hands of children,” sad Manor.

Shops would face a $100 for the first offense, and up to $2,500 if caught selling e-cigs to minors a third time.

Shepherd Police Chief Luke Sawyer says this legislation is needed.

“I’m a smart enough guy to know that putting something like that into your body, whether it tastes like cotton candy, or apple, or whatever flavor it might be, is not healthy for your system and then when you add nicotine to the mix it gets even worse,” said Sawyer.

He says it gives them more of an opportunity to educate teens and parents about vaping.

“We don’t know a lot about vaping and that’s enough concern that when we talk to young people, you know you don’t know how this could impact your future in 10, 20, 30 years,” said Sawyer.

The legislation still needs to pass the house before heading to governor Whitmer.

Governor Snyder vetoed similar legislation.