Michigan Lawmaker Encourages Gov. Whitmer to Help Newaygo Co. With Disaster Funding

Michigan lawmakers are encouraging Governor Gretchen Whitmer to help Newaygo County with disaster relief funding.

Last month, Newaygo was hit with devastating flooding that caused damage to roads throughout the county. 

Within a week of the flooding, 33 roads were damaged and 11 culverts failed.

That’s on top of parks, dams and wastewater plants being damaged.

State Senator Jon Bumstead from Newaygo County says this damage will impact the county’s road commission and their budget.

The senator says the county has already spent $335,000 to repair damages caused by the flooding and estimates another $100,000 in costs.

Senator Bumstead says he hopes Governor Whitmer will approve the county disaster funding saying, “The governor has repeatedly spoken about the need to adequately fund and repair our roads, but Newaygo County will be another year behind schedule without this assistance.”

That money would go to help offset the emergency protective measures used during the flooding.