Kalkaska Public Schools Show Appreciation to Our First Responders

They are the first ones to respond when you have an emergency and many times you don’t have the time to tell them thank you.

That’s why Kalkaska Public Schools took Wednesday as an opportunity to appreciate our first responders.

They held their second annual First Responders Appreciation Lunch on Wednesday.

They invited the sheriff’s office, state police, firefighters, EMS and others who help in an emergency.

The afternoon was filled with lunch, cake and special notes from the students.

“It’s just something simple that we can do to brighten their day a little bit because they help us out in so many ways, more than we can ever repay fully,” said senior Jaxon Disbrow. “We can’t always show our appreciation but this helps show that we actually do appreciate it.”

First responders say they don’t expect any thanks from the people they serve but they definitely appreciate it when it’s given.