DNR Conducts Prescribed Burn in Kalkaska County to Help Wildlife, Animals

Fire ripped through state land in Kalkaska County on Wednesday but for a good purpose.

The DNR conducted a 500 acre prescribed burn on the land.

You might think a fire would have a negative impact for plants and wildlife but it actually does just the opposite in certain areas that they consider fire driven.

Prescribed burning is one of several management tools the DNR uses to maintain habitats for the plants and animals that thrive on them.

This is also one direct way that hunters help conservation because hunting and trapping license dollars go to funds that can only be used for these types of projects.

“What we’re doing here is a controlled burn,” said Steve Griffith, wildlife biologist with the DNR. “Burning a specific area, under specific conditions to put fire back on the landscape there to benefit the plants and the animals that depend on it for the habitat.”

The DNR says this not only benefits rare species of birds, plants and animals but a lot of game animals also benefit from this type of habitat work.