Boys Playing With Nerf Guns Sparks Grand Traverse County Investigation

An Old Mission Peninsula woman called 911 after seeing two suspicious looking men with weapons roaming her street Wednesday morning.

Turns out they were just high schoolers with Nerf guns.

The sheriff’s department says two boys were out in the woods playing the game “Assassin” before school.

Several deputies came to the call, drawn away from other emergencies.

Thankfully it was all just a false alarm.

The sheriff’s office says the boys weren’t doing anything wrong.

“Fortunately the situation worked out fine. I’m glad people are reporting these types of suspicious incidents when they happen. You have teenagers acting suspiciously, that can concern people,”  Captain Randy Fewless, Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Office said.

The sheriff’s office says even though this was a false alarm, they’re still glad the neighbor called them since she was unsure of the situation.