Antrim County’s Central Lake Bans All Tobacco in Open Spaces

A village in Antrim County banned the use of tobacco in open spaces.

It comes after a child was found playing with a cigarette butt on the beach.

Central Lake banned tobacco products in parks, beaches and community pavilions.

It includes cigarettes, cigars, pipes, vaping and e-cigarettes.

The Central Lake Village Council put up the very first no smoking sign Wednesday in Thurston Park.

They say the ordinance is meant to protect children.

“The impetus was a parent had their child playing down here and of course as all children, she put things in her mouth and she found her child eating on a cigarette butt and that prompted the Health Department of Northwest Michigan to come to our council meeting and we discussed that. And we thought it was a great idea, and we got on board right away,” says Rob Tyler, chairperson for Parks & Open Spaces said.

The Health Department of Northwest Michigan says more municipalities are banning tobacco in public areas.

Central Lake Village Council members say the community reaction to the ordinance has been positive.