Traverse City Pit Spitters: Fans Vote for Food in Stands

One thing is undeniable about Traverse City’s baseball team. They are all about including the fans.

Their name, The Pit Spitters, was chosen by the people of Northern Michigan.

And now they want us to pick the food that will be served in the stands!

9&10 News’ Courtney Hunter submitted a great suggestion, and now her culinary masterpiece The Toucan Slam is in the top seven for the Pit Spitters Fan Food Contest.

It’s a hot dog topped with Froot Loops, barbeque pulled pork and baked beans.

Courtney doesn’t want to have to go all the way to Cleveland just to enjoy this delicious dish, so she will be needing all of your votes!

But there are other options you can root for:

The Mitten Poutine

Including a heaping pile of French fries smothered in brown gravy and topped with a healthy dollop of cheese curds that will make you want to say “O Canada” to this Quebec cuisine.

The TC Chocolate Cherry Pie Sundae

This is “Pure Michigan” made with Moomers’ homemade vanilla ice cream, cherry topping, hot fudge and crumbled pie crust.

The Red White and Bleu Dog

One half is covered in bleu cheese, coleslaw and dried cherries.

The other half is doused in Frank’s Red Hot sauce to really bring the heat.

Fowl Territory

Thick-cut bacon dipped in chicken fried steak batter and deep fried.

Triple Crown Nachos

A three cheese delight!

It combines nacho cheese Doritos, warm queso and shredded cheese with other taco fixings.

Cherry Bomb Chippers

A mound of potato chips smothered in pulled pork, cheese, diced onions and drizzled with cherry barbeque sauce.

Cast your vote by visiting here.

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