Charlevoix Artist Blends Color, Furniture & Fashion

Function, furniture and fashion.

Charlevoix artist Edith Pair has been brightening up the world from a young age.

“My father…bought me my first painting set when I was 8, and you know just really pushed me to be artistic and so I fell in love with it,” she says.

She went to the Art Institute of Chicago and has been making things with her hands ever since.

“I work a lot with do a lot of functional art, a lot of furniture, I do a lot of wall hangings and canvas and I like mixed media, so I use a lot of different pieces just to give it some depth,” Edith says.

She is inspired by fashion and color.

“I majored with a fashion design degree, so I try to keep up on all the fashion trends, interior design trends too,” she says. “I can mix and match fabrics and things like that really inspire me.”

Edith enjoys her artwork but hopes people don’t take it too seriously.

“It’s not supposed to be taken too seriously, just supposed to be happy and make you feel good,” she says. “My favorite artist is Matisse, and he was big on color and nothing too depressing.”

Edith Pair’s work can be found at the Michigan Artists Gallery in Traverse City, Art Rapids in Elk Rapids and Art Prize in Grand Rapids.

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