Benzie County Central Schools Hoping Bond Proposal Passes

In just a couple weeks, voters in Benzie County will decide a Benzie County Central Schools bond proposal.

“We’re really looking to try and make a generational fix in our district,” said Matt Olson, the superintendent Benzie County Central Schools.

Olson says it’s time to make some changes.

“We’ve got aging infrastructure, buildings that are really reaching the end of their useful life,” said Olson.

That’s why the district wants voters say “yes” to a nearly $48 million bond.

“For a $100,000 house market value, that comes down to about $25 bucks a year, about $2 a month,” explained Olson.

The largest project would be constructing a new building for Crystal Lake Elementary School on the high school’s campus.

Not only would the elementary school be getting a new home, but so are the school busses because the bus garage can only fit one inside at a time.

“We’re really trying to make sure that our residents and our taxpayers are getting a huge bang for their buck,” said Olson.

With those bucks they’ll also make several renovations in their other buildings like replacing old cabinetry and the roof.

All things a mother of two in the district is supportive of.

“I think for our students when they are proud of the school that they go to, they have a better work ethic, they’re excited about going to school and they just perform better,” said Christy Case.

She hopes everyone votes “yes”.

“These kids really are the future of our community and will someday be paying it forward as well,” said Case.

District voters will decide on May 7.