Northern Michigan Law Enforcement Now Able to Track Overdoses in Real Time

Law enforcement agencies across the country now have a new online tool to track overdoses as they happen.

It’s called ODMAP and police departments across the country are starting to use it, including here in northern Michigan.

It allows officers to put overdose information into an online data base and lets other departments see that information.

Michigan State Police just trained all their troopers on the ODMAP system which allows for real time online tracking of overdoses

“It’s real valuable again for the tracking of groups of overdoses so that we can have better investigations, that we might tie those overdoses together to one source, and again it can help us to allocate resources to combat that problem, usually an opioid related issue,” said Lt. Travis House.

State Police say they use the information to go after dealers and not users.

They’re hoping to see more departments and even health care providers start using the system.

“It can happen from time to time that an overdose, especial a non-fatal overdose might report to a hospital, get treatment and be released. We’d really like to have that information in this database to help it be more conclusive or inclusive of all these instances,” said House.

The public cannot view or input information, but organizations like Families Against Narcotics in Grand Traverse County say tracking overdoses in real time is a vital tool to have.

“It’ll be very interesting being able to correlate not only the use of opioids, but street drugs that are coming in. I’m delighted to hear that we’ll be able to track where these overdoses are occurring and put resources there to assist in not only in combating it, but potentially getting to the actual root cause,” said Dr. Lyn Conlon, FAN Secretary.