Charlevoix Township Fire Dept. Warns of Brush Fire Dangers

Because of the red flag warning, fire departments are standing by for any flare-ups.

Firefighters at the Charlevoix Township Fire Department say they have come to expect red flag warnings this time of year.

That’s why they have their brush truck fueled up and ready to go at a moment’s notice.

They say that as the snow disappears and the ground dries up, people start burning brush in their yards.

They say that because of the wind, dry ground and heat, it can take only minutes for a brush fire in your yard to get out of control.

“Normally this is the time when everybody is outside cleaning up their brush trying to burn some old dead grass and it’s normally when you see a lot of grass fires. If you’re going to do that make sure they are issuing burn permits and if they are no matter what kind of fire you got make sure you have adequate water supply such as a garden hose, not just a bucket of water and do not leave it unattended,” said Charlevoix Township fire chief, Dan Thorp.

They say before you burn anything, call the DNR to make sure it’s safe.