Gov. Whitmer’s Scholarship Proposals Get Vote of Confidence From Michigan Chamber of Commerce

Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s scholarship proposals are getting a big boost from the business community.

The two programs aim to help future high school graduates and older students learn new job skills.

President and CEO of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce Rich Studley says he pledges full support of her proposals.

They are known as the Michigan Reconnect and the Michigan Opportunity.

The reconnect proposal would give people 25 and older free tuition at community colleges or technical training.

The opportunity scholarship would give high school students 60 credit hours at community colleges.

Students going to a four-year school would get a two-year, $2,500 scholarship.

Both programs require students to keep their grades up.

The Studley says the programs are based on the Tennessee Promise scholarship program.

He says the promise program is showing very positive results.