Community Meals of Traverse City Serves Hundreds of People on Easter Sunday

“It’s been the greatest way for me to give but also to receive by being a service to others.”

There was an opportunity for people to come together this Easter Sunday and enjoy a free meal.

“I walked in this morning, I just went wow. Where does it come from? It’s a sense of being part of a brotherhood,” says co-coordinator and volunteer for Community Meals, Russ Mehrof.

Community Meals served around 200 people at the VFW in Traverse City and delivered more than 200 meals to peoples’ doors.

One man who has volunteered for about 12 years says seeing the community impact keeps him coming back.

“I remember coming in and I had a Thanksgiving where a lot of my family was gone, so I had a friend say come on let’s volunteer. I did and I haven’t stopped since,” Mehrof said.

On holidays like Easter, there’s a place for everyone.

“A sense of being a part of, knowing that there’s always a place to go. It doesn’t matter. It’s all walks of life you see walk through these doors for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter,” he said.

He says the support from the community helps make these meals possible.

“The area is really good with the food and even more so real good with the financial side of things. They send us donations. You’d be amazed at how the community has stepped forward to make this all possible,” he said.

One man who came to enjoy the meal says it’s important to help one another.

“I think people need to reach out and help other people. That’s what Jesus Christ would do and isn’t that what today’s all about,” J.D. Perkins said.

Community meals says they are always looking for volunteers, so if you want to help call (231) 360-7608 or click here.