Bikes for Kids 2019

Nominate that wonderful child in your life to win a bike!

Do you have a kid in your life that loves to help others and makes this world a happier, better, and more fun place in the process?

From June 24, 2019 until August 16, 2019, Bikes for Kids will award a bike to a deserving child. Each week, for 8 weeks, one lucky winner between the ages of 6-14 will be selected to win a bike, donated by Meijer and Barberi Law. The winners will then be featured on 9&10 News website and “the four” with a recap highlighting their heartwarming story!

Accepting nominations beginning on April 22, 2019!

Bikes for Kids is for a child who positively impacts their family, friends, and community. Teachers, grandparents, parents of friends or peers, and anyone else who can attest to a child’s need for recognition can enter them into the giveaway. Click here or on the photo above to enter an awesome kid that deserves this recognition and find out more about the giveaway. In addition to being honored on 9&10 News’ website and “the four,” each winner is invited to the Bikes for Kids celebration in August at the Mount Pleasant office of proud sponsor, Barberi Law.

DISCLAIMER: Applicants must be from the viewing area 9&10 News covers – Mount Pleasant to Sault Ste. Marie. The winners will pick up a bike of their choosing from Meijer’s Mount Pleasant location.

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