Underwater Easter Egg Hunt at the Cadillac YMCA

Adults and children of all ages got to experience a unique Easter tradition on Saturday in Cadillac.

The Cadillac YMCA hosted their 10th annual Easter Egg Hunt… in the pool!

Kids got to jump in and collect as many eggs underwater as they could.

They were then able to turn in the eggs they snagged for prizes.

The event only charged $6 per participant.

The proceeds went into the YMCA scholarship fund.

The fund helps pay for membership fees for those in the community who cannot afford to use the facility and its services.

Membership and marketing director Paul King said

“This is a great opportunity to come inside where you know weather is not going to affect how the Easter egg hunt goes. It’s just something completely different having an easter egg hunt in the pool. Trust me, after five to ten minutes of the kids looking for the eggs, they’re going to be tired.”

The Cadillac-Area YMCA encourages people to come out for the event next year to continue to help support the scholarship fund.