Over 1,000 People Learn About Growing Cannabis Industry at Soaring Eagle Casino

Cannabis is a rapidly growing industry across the country.


Thousands of people came to Soaring Eagle Casino in Mt. Pleasant Saturday for the chance to learn more about it.

The 420 Cannabis Expo gave people the opportunity to hear from professionals about everything cannabis and hemp

Best part? It was free!

“I get chills because there are so many job openings and they pay well.”

The 420 Cannabis Expo brought more than 1,000 people through the doors of the Soaring Eagle Casino in Mount Pleasant.

“We had so many people waiting for the doors open today,” says expo co-founder, Heidi Knierim.

The co-founder of the expo says the growing cannabis industry means a growing economy.

“So many students today came out from Eastern and they said ‘I want to know more about this,’” Knierim said.

She says now that recreational marijuana is legal more people are investing in the cannabis industry.

“I think investors are more comfortable now that it’s passed and of course when you have investors you have growth,” she said.

And more growth means more jobs.

“Now it’s just exploding, the careers that are opening up and they’re high paying jobs,” Knierim said.

Green Farms Company from Carelton, Michigan says they’ve shifted their focus to hemp.

“Now the largest thing we have going on with hemp being passed is we have our seedling start. It has rice holes in it, so it’s very aerated so as it breaks down it releases silica to the plant,” says project manager for Green Farms, Blake Maddox.

And now that people are able to apply to grow hemp, he says genetics are the biggest obstacle.

“So the largest thing that people who are going out there buying seeds that don’t have testing or COAs. You could run your entire crop and when you harvest it tests too high in THC and you’re going to have to dispose of your product,” Maddox said.

Bob Woolsey who came to the expo says he’s glad to see these types of events more normalized.

“They’ve made it more of a norm now, where it’s more socially acceptable and people are not so reluctant,” he said.

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