People in Clare Co. Can Text Central Dispatch in Emergencies

People in Clare County have a new way to reach 911.

Central dispatch has rolled out texting to 911.

This can benefit people who are hearing or speech impaired.

The system can only accept text from your phone’s SMS system and not secondary texting apps.

“It is just another option for someone to reach 911. We still prefer voice calls, but for some that is just not possible. Whether there is someone in their house or not able to speak. This gives them another option to still be able to contact 911 without giving away their location or the fact that they’re even in that place,” says Clare County 911 director, Marlana Terrian.

They want to stress to always call 911, but the text option is available if you cannot physically call.

If the option is not available, you will get a message to make a voice call to 911.