Mueller Report Confirms Russian Meddling in US Democratic Process

No matter what happens next, the Mueller report did confirm intelligence that the Russians meddled in our democratic process.

“We might be the most sophisticated cyber country in the world, but we got a lot of vulnerabilities,” Dr. Steven Bucci, said.

Bucci is a visiting fellow with the Heritage Foundation and a former top Pentagon official who now lives in Harbor Springs.

“People finally realize, wow, this can happen to us,” Bucci, added.

He says political theater aside, the Mueller investigation outlined clear evidence of the Russian’s influencing the 2016 election.

“They got inside our loop, they used not just connections with people but also social media platforms, like virtuosos against us and the evidence of their success is that we’ve spent two years now focusing solely on what happened during the election, not what happened since the election,” Bucci, said.

Bucci says it’s something the feds have been closely monitoring since before last election  and have ramped up since then.

“Massive effort going on by the FBI by the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense, pretty much the entire intelligence community are all trying to figure out how we  stop this from happening without adversely affecting our constitutional rights to free speech and to have access to free news,” Bucci, added.

So how can we combat it?

“It was manipulation of the information cycle. The best way to counter this kind of propaganda is to reason, think, discuss with real humans in person,” Bucci, explained.

“When you look at platforms like twitter, all those other things, check the source that it’s coming from, don’t just watch things you agree with,” Bucci, added.