Mecosta Co. EMS Gets Digital Mannequin for Advanced Training

First responders in Mecosta County have a new way to train.

Mecosta County won a grant from Trans Canada to purchase a digital smart mannequin.

It will help train EMS workers, giving them real-time feedback on heart rates, pulses and how hard their chest compression recoil rates are.

Mecosta County’s EMS coordinator says this is a great tool to make sure proper techniques are used in life and death situations.

“We were always estimating, OK, I think I did a good enough job. What this mannequin allows is to do is say, no, you’re not pushing deep enough or you’re not allowing the chest to completely recoil. We weren’t teaching people how important that was, and we didn’t have the tools to teach them how to do it,” says Mecosta County EMS education coordinator, Jenny Edstrom.

Mecosta County EMS says it will help improve all first responders life-saving CPR skills.